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Video Products:


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Cover Story

  • Keep their eyes on your book cover!
  • Simple, yet effective. Your book cover is used in creative ways and viewers will remember it!


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Basic Book Teaser

  • Your story comes to life using sound, photos and text!


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Intermediate Book Teaser

  • Adds an extra layer of intrigue, entertainment and excitement.
  • Additional footage or photoshop or effects, that something will make your video stand out from the crowd


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Advanced Book Teaser

  • Viewers #1 choice
  • When you want the top editors and the best of everything for your book video


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Publishers Advantage

  • Exclusive distribution not available with ANY other video product. 
  • More customization and features, including TRIPLE the amount of edits.

Author Interview

  • Nobody says it better than you.
  • Various styles, lively conversation that brings readers closer to you.

Book Trailer

  • Full production brings your book to life!
  • Actors, scenes, music. It's like a movie trailer, but for a book!