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COS Productions UK

10 Years experience in book marketing and book trailer production

Reaching Readers Through Digital Video

Readers spend time on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Digital book video reaches them in a way that is entertaining, informative and convenient. Book video lives online for the life of the book, working to sell 24/7. Have greater discoverability, outreach and social sharing.

UK Mission Statement

Our mission is to reach UK readers, booksellers and librarians using digital assets in a way that is helpful, entertaining and convenient. We will continuously work toward greater online distribution outlets to ensure our videos are seen by reading audiences and quality online communities. We will create quality videos, podcasts and blogs that engage people and encourage them to share socially.See all of our services.

New London Location

Press Release

Circle of Seven launches in the UK

Circle of Seven Productions have launched their UK and European operations with the opening of a new office in London.

The move to the UK marks an exciting point in their expansion, fuelled by the growing demand for book trailers by the public and publishing community alike.

"A well-made, well-distributed book trailer is a fantastic marketing tool," says industry veteran, Sheila Clover English. "it can be incredibly effective."

An entrepreneur and marketing visionary English has lead the industry from the very beginning. In 2002, she set up Circle of Seven Productions in the US and blazed a path for other organisations to follow. After trade-marking the term "Book Trailer", English almost single-handedly captured the imagination of a whole generation of readers and after ten years, Circle of Seven's client base reads like a Who's Who of the publishing industry.

With their UK launch in November, Circle of Seven offer UK publishers and authors a fantastic opportunity to market books to audiences in the UK and US simultaneously.

The cost of marketing a book is coming down. Not only are we helping publishers reach out with more books to bigger audiences, but we're putting professional marketing firmly within the reach of the self-published author. We can help them engage with readers like never before.

Circle of Seven also offers something that many other trailer providers can't.

"Creating a great book trailer isn't enough," explains English. "It's where the video goes that's important. The key is targeting readers who might like your book because they like the subject or the genre, and then putting the video on websites you know those types of readers visit. "

Circle of Seven do precisely this. Over ten years, they've helped publishers and authors launch their books through the arrangements they have with the owners of hundreds of websites that cater to specific readers or reader interests. Their book trailers are also displayed on the terminals of 5000 libraries in the US, with more to follow in the UK. Circle of Seven launches in the UK in November.

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Book Marketing, book trailers and author etiquette in a Nutshell

Written by COS Productions CEO Sheila Clover English, and Publishers Weekly editor Barbara Vey