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COS in the UK
  • I am an Author, looking for a book trailer
  • I am a Publisher looking for a book trailer
  • I am a Bookseller or Librarian I want to display book trailers on my website.
  • I am a reader, I want to watch book Trailers
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Book Trailer And Social Media Marketing For Books, Authors and Publishers


It's not enough to:

  • Have a Book Trailer– you have to market it effectively.
  • Distribute a Book Trailer – you need to know the best site for each genre.
  • Upload a Book Trailer – you need to actively maintain the site to keep readers engaged.

Book Trailer : Dark Lycan - watch for free
Dark Lycan
Christine Feehan
Book Trailer : Broken Childhood: A True Story of Abuse - watch for free
Book Trailer : Here I Am - watch for free
Here I Am
Patti Kim
Book Trailer : Seven Ways to Die - watch for free
Seven Ways to Die
William Diehl
Book Trailer : Death Be Not Proud - watch for free

Circle of Seven Productions is the leading producer of Book Trailers®, Book Teasers® and on-line distribution for Book Trailers® and video. With our staff of highly trained, Multi-award winning book trailer producers, we can help you make your next book trailer promotion a success! Please contact us for more information.


  • Open Quote

    Everyone loves the trailer and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

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    - Aisha Cloud
    Publicist - Tor and Forge Books
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    Oh My Goodness. I was shocked. I found the video everywhere, even on some website out of

    I looked at my Amazon rankings for the Kindle before going to bed last night and it was at 434,087. Today At 10:00 AM EST it was 132,000. WOW!

    I'm impressed. Those testimonials on your site weren't kidding. I'm so glad I decided to do this.

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    - Matt Leatherwood Jr.
  • Open Quote

    This is really a job well done, and I appreciate it!

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    - Lexie
    HMH Publishing
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    Really great stuff! Both the author and I are exceedingly impressed. His words:

    You know that bit in Monsters Inc where Mike Wazowski watches the TV ad for the first time? That was me, just then. That is absolutely brilliant. Having viewed it several times, I'm astonished at how much they've completely nailed it - the World Marvels and Wonders cover is EXACTLY as described in the book and envisaged by me. And that bit where the clockwork workings zoom out of Maria's eye... well. Can you pass on to the production people involved from me that I'm absolutely blown away and delighted with it.

    So thank you for your hard work!

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    - Leah Withers
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    "Everyone I worked with at Circle of Seven went the extra mile to ensure I loved each aspect of my teaser from start to finish. The outstanding customer service, the talented professionals I worked with, and the polished video made the experience a pleasure, and I'll be back when it's time for my next release."

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    - Patti Oshea