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COS in the UK
  • I am an Author, looking for a book trailer
  • I am a Publisher looking for a book trailer
  • I am a Bookseller or Librarian I want to display book trailers on my website.
  • I am a reader, I want to watch book Trailers
  • I am Looking for FREE Content, and book trailers to add to my website.

Book Trailer And Social Media Marketing For Books, Authors and Publishers


It's not enough to:

  • Have a Book Trailer– you have to market it effectively.
  • Distribute a Book Trailer – you need to know the best site for each genre.
  • Upload a Book Trailer – you need to actively maintain the site to keep readers engaged.

Book Trailer : Dark Lycan - watch for free
Dark Lycan
Christine Feehan
Book Trailer : Broken Childhood: A True Story of Abuse - watch for free
Book Trailer : Here I Am - watch for free
Here I Am
Patti Kim
Book Trailer : Seven Ways to Die - watch for free
Seven Ways to Die
William Diehl
Book Trailer : Death Be Not Proud - watch for free

Circle of Seven Productions is the leading producer of Book Trailers®, Book Teasers® and on-line distribution for Book Trailers® and video. With our staff of highly trained, Multi-award winning book trailer producers, we can help you make your next book trailer promotion a success! Please contact us for more information.


  • Open Quote

    "Thanks so much for working on this, I feel you, and the script writers captured the essence in a short preview of what this book is about! Having a book that COS could render a trailer for is a dream come true for me, but having a COS book trailer to advertise that book, is a dream I promised to myself -if I ever got this far-- that I would do. so for me its been about 5 years in the making ;) thanks for making that come true for me and so beautifully!"

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    - Amanda McIntyre
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    "Frankly, it's not often one gets to see the difference a single piece of promo makes. But in this case, I believe the fabulous book trailer made a huge, huge difference. CAPTIVE DESIRES sold approximately three times as many copies as I'd hoped would be printed."

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    - Diane Whiteside
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    "I LOVE THE VIDEO for DEVIOUS!!!!!! All of my staff thought it was spectacular!!!!!!!"

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    - Lisa Jackson
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    "Great, thanks- we're so pleased with everything we've done with you!"

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    - Carla Gray
    Director of Marketing - HMH
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    "Sheila and Circle of Seven Productions have blown me away with their savvy online marketing techniques and ease to work with. I can't recommend Sheila and COS highly enough."

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    - Matt Schwartz
    Director of Online Marketing , Simon and Schuster