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Audio to Video Services


Do you already have a radio spot, interview or other audio that you would like to have turned into a video? Not a problem! Using appropriate visual elements, our professional editors can transform your audio spot into an entertaining video.

Audio to Video Services comes with these great features:

  • Using our extensive library of graphics, photos and videos, we can produce a professionally made video that can be played on your webpage, YouTube, or any other online video outlet.
  • Once your video is created, you can reach out to an entirely new audience.


Once your audio has been turned into a video, we can offer most of the same distribution options that are available for the rest of our video products. Please be aware that there may be some restrictions due to the length and content of the video.


  • Repurpose a past project
  • Target a whole new audience
  • Have your band’s music turned into a music video for your MySpace page or website